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12 Mar

WordPress Development

The majority of my websites are built using WordPress as a CMS, but what is it?

What is WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System, or CMS. A CMS gives someone without any technical experience the power to create, edit update and delete content via an easy to use graphical interface.

Why a CMS is important

The ease of managing content is so important for small-medium sized businesses as posting content can directly affect how your site ranks on search engines. Frequent posting makes your business appear fresh and current, it shows customers and Google that you are still operating and have something to offer. Additionally it gives you the opportunity to cast your line.

Casting your line

What do I mean by ‘cast your line’? Well, Each time you post an article or blog, you are casting your metaphorical line with your content as the bait. With each article you seek to attract clicks from your customers by providing them with valuable answers to their questions. If you understand your customers and their needs, then targeting your articles to answer their questions should be a straight forward task and can have tremendous benefits, including:  building trust, improving SEO and supporting marketing objectives.

How can I use a CMS ?

Now you can see one of the benefits to using a CMS; what options are available and how can you take advantage of a CMS for your business?

Bespoke themes

Bespoke themes are websites created from scratch. These themes are custom tailored to your individual needs and take full advantage of wordpress. These themes can take longer to build, but have the benefit of performance. Only necessary resources and dependencies are included.

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Woo-commerce themes provide you with the tools to manage your very own Web Store. Managing items, orders and sales is made easy via a simple to use interface.

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Theme templates

Sometimes you don’t need a bespoke option. Theme templates are a cheap and effective option. When paired with good SEO, theme templates can achieve the same results for small-medium sized businesses at a fraction of the cost.

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